Mine Animations package demo scene

Version: 1.02

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WSAD - move;
Space - sprint;
E - start interaction;
Q - stop interaction;
C - open interaction menu;
X - close interaction menu;
ESC - open main menu;

This package contains:

- animations for character - chop down tree, mine rock;
- demo scene with example of usage;
- simple character model;
- simple pick model;
- basic character controller.
Сompatible with packages "Car Interaction Animaions", "Door Interaction Animaions", "Pick Up Animaions".

Set up character guide.

This guide will help you to set your own character, the same as in the DemoScene.
Create a new scene ("File > New Scene");
delete gameObject "Main Camera";
create a floor for your character ("GameObject > 3D Object > Plane");
make sure your floor at y = 0;
drag & drop to Hierarchy view "Character Template" prefab witch located at "Assets > IC Interactive > Сommon > Prefabs";
drag & drop to Hierarchy view "EventSystem" prefab witch located at "Assets > IC Interactive > Сommon > Prefabs";
drag & drop you character model to "Character Template" gameObject in Hierarchy view;
assign animator controller "Human" located at "Assets > IC Interactive > Common > AnimatorControllers" to your character;
assign script "AnimatorMovement", "AnimatorEvents", "IKController" to your character gameObject ("Assets > IC Interactive > Common > Scripts > Character");
assign variable "Animator" to script "Character" which assigned to gameObject "Character Template > Physics" - drag & drop your character gameObject;
drag & drop gameObject "*ParentThisTo_Root" (inside "Character Template" gameObject) to your character model gameObject in Hierarchy view;
now you can drag & drop prefab "Vehicle" or "Door" or "Rock" or "Pickable" (depending on your package) to test interaciton;

Set up rock, tree guide.

Your rock model may have as many versions as you want.
Drag & drop you rock models to "Rock > Visual" gameObject in Hierarchy view; edit transforms if needed;
drag & drop in order from 0 to 100 percent your rock models gameObjects to variable "Visual Leftovers" of script "InteractionMineralResource" on gameObject "Rock > InteractionRig > InteractionTrigger";
Turn off every visual parts of old rock.
set up tree interaction same way.