Bist Is Sandbox Template package demo scene

Version: 1.03

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WSAD - move;
Space - sprint;
E - start interaction;
Q - stop interaction;
Right mouse button - aim;
Left mouse button - fire;
F - disarm;
1, 2, 3 alpha keys - arm weapon;
` (backtick) - use selected item;
G - drop weapon;
C - open interaction menu;
X - close interaction menu;
ESC - open main menu;

In car:
Space - jump;
F - float;
Middle mouse button - handbrake;


This package might be used as a template to create sandbox survival games, third person shooters, survival horrors, sandbox RPGs, life simulation games and even racing games (if you want to give your players ability to walk outside of vehicle and explore environment).

This package contains:

1. Animations.
All animations and models are in FBX format (except for animations for car's doors) and if you need only animations, then your can use them in any version of Unity. All of them are retargetable to humanoid rigs.
1.1. Character-weapons interaction (pistol and rifle):
- holster/unholster;
- reloading;
- aiming;
- shooting.
1.2. Character-car interaction:
- get in/out the car;
- legacy animations for car doors (this one is in legacy ANIM format);
- steering.
1.3. Others:
- pick up objects:
- open door:
- drinking;
- eating;
- movement.

2. Scripts.
All scripts are in C#.
- basic character controller;
- character-weapon interaction (aiming, firing, picking up, dropping, holstering/unholstering, reloading);
- character-car interaction (getting in/out, steering);
- health system for character;

3. Models.
All models is very simple and meant to be replaced by your own art.
- basic character;
- basic pistol;
- basic rifle;
- basic car;
- basic items (rifle and pistol clips, bottle, backpack, shelving).

Set up character guide.

This guide will help you to set your own character, the same as in the DemoScene.

Set up firearm guide.